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​Welcome to Austwick WI.​  

We're part of a fellowship of more than 190,000 women: a place to forge friendships, learn new skills and make a difference in your community.   

You're very welcome to join us at our monthly meeting, or if you prefer, contact us at​​

Sunny spring evening with Austwick Beck running through the centre of the photo with green pastures either side and Oxenber Woods and Moughton Scar in the distance. Trees are still leafless as mid March.


Austwick is a beautiful village in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and is closely connected with the neighbouring  villages of Eldroth, Feizor, Keasden, Lawkland, and Wharfe. Austwick WI is a lively group and we play an active role in the community, its street parties and autumn fairs, as well as raising money for local charities. ​


Monthly meetings: Our meetings take place every second Thursday at Austwick Parish Hall and give members the chance to meet up in person, try new activities, listen to speakers and campaign on issues that matter to them.​


Projects and activities: Whether you’re interested in cooking, crafting or want to get active  – we are here to inspire every member.


Campaigns: WI campaigns address issues that matter to members, from equal pay to climate change and mental health to microplastic pollution.​


"Every member is there because they want to be. There is a huge feeling of support from every member – it’s just like a sisterhood!"

Looking down from Feizor Nick to the green fields of Feizor. A patchwork of stone walls on a sunny day - blue skies and white clouds. The lane down the Nick curves away to the left..jpeg
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